Advanced Anatomy Certificate

We’ve just completed all the certifications from the first course: four Distinctions, two Merits and a Pass. That’s a huge amount of work from all the teachers involved, congratulations to:
Laura Adams, Carrie Birmingham, Rob Cates, Jane Dunton, Stephen King, Susan Parkes and Sarah Stone

Only just over a week to go before we do it all again with 20 more teachers, at least seven of whom are aiming to complete the certification.

Some of the comments we’ve had:

“I’ve really adored every element of the work. The Anatomy, the lectures, research, reading specialised papers, meeting new wonderful people and especially reconnecting with you! Thank you for an incredible experience and your patience with someone who hasn’t written an essay for 15 years.”

” I just wanted to say thank you for allowing me to partake in this course, I have absolutely loved the reading material (and the contact time especially!) I can honestly say I do believe it has enhanced my teaching in a very positive way. I hope to continue on to more courses, developing an even better understanding of the voice and how it works, and sharing that with my clients.”