Choral Worshop

Get the best results from your choir with expert advice on healthy voice use, coupled with some simple exercises and vocal awareness to help your singers.

This choral workshop can be a single session held during your regular meeting time, or it can be an online session for your singers. Help your singers to learn about how to reduce effort and increase stamina, how to maintain a healthy singing voice for a lifetime, and how to avoid vocal illness and injury.

Jenevora has been working with choirs of every ability for the last 40 years, helping the individual singers to make the most of their voices, in order to enhance the enjoyment of all.


A masterclass can be a wonderful way for performers and teachers to learn together. Jenevora can come and give you a bespoke masterclass of any length; as either a standalone event, or as part of a training day for teachers.

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I thought it was a storming success, and your work with Y, in particular, brought about a step change in her accomplishment which was clearly audible even over a variable internet connection. Several of the students – especially Y, actually – were quick to write and express their appreciation of the session, and to ask me to pass that on. I took a handful of notes, and every one is a nugget of real value; I’m absolutely certain that those who attended will have gleaned an awful lot from that intense couple of hours – which flew by, by the way. This is, of course, all by way of expressing my appreciation not only for your considerable professional expertise, but your warmth and good humour, which transformed what could have been a rather arid virtual experience into something very human and worthwhile. It was a thoroughly enjoyable, and very rewarding, session.

Dr Christopher Price, Director of Music, Canterbury Christ Church University –
a response following a two-hour online masterclass
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