Interview with Vocal Pedagogy

What would you consider to be the main focus of your career, or your “specialty”?

Within the overall concept of teaching people to sing, I have focussed on two areas. The first is working with younger voices, understanding the development of singers from birth to adult and how this informs the way that we can work with them. The second area is that of vocal health and rehabilitation. Most of my work with individual singers now is helping those who are seeking a healthier and more sustainable way to use their voices. This is always a holistic approach, it’s impossible to consider one part without looking at the other influences, beliefs and environmental factors.

Within both of these areas I am now training the teachers as much as I am working with individuals.

How did you discover your calling for your specialty? How did it start?

Good question! As is the case with many people, I had no idea where I was going to end up when I started out. My career took many twists and turns, when I now look back the path led me to an inevitable destination – but that is only evident with hindsight. I’d also like to keep an open mind for the next turns and changes that may open up ahead of me. I’ve not finished yet!

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