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Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults – Second Edition

Following on from the enormous popularity of the first edition of Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults, this exciting new edition provides yet more practically relevant information for everyone working with children’s voices.

Completely new content includes much more up-to-date material on how to deliver information and exercises to the student. Learning new skills is not purely about repetition, the style and variety of information delivery from the teacher is crucial. The author has incorporated the latest research from sports science and the psychology of learning in order to explain lesson structure and the nature and frequency of feedback. New information from classroom teaching has given us useful guidance for effective group teaching. The nature of creativity and the particular needs of the creative child are explored in the light of recent research in psychology and learning.

All of this essential new knowledge is illustrated with even more delightful cartoons from Harry Venning along with a series of new anatomical illustrations from Harvey Taylor.

Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults is an exciting new book which I am certain will become a really useful and comprehensive reference guide for all those wishing to lead singing. Howard Goodall CBE, Composer and Broadcaster

The indispensable bible for the many singing teachers who work with ‘children and young adults’… it is difficult to over-emphasise the significance which I think this book has for the future of our young singers. The combination of long and thoughtful practical experience with an enquiring mind and formidable research knowledge has resulted in a remarkable treatise on the subject” SINGING .  Voice of the Association of Teachers of Singing

You have done something spectacularly good and I heartily congratulate you.  Not only do you write such palpable sense throughout, but your style is eminently readable, and clear as crystal.  Singing teacher, Royal College of Music, London

What a great book! So much of this text resonates with all the other areas of my musical life, and I find myself almost exclaiming out loud with agreement. The book is so beautifully and clearly written and I love the illustrations, it is, in essence, invaluable. Music Teacher I can’t believe I’ve survived this long without it, it should be compulsory for every Cathedral organist in the land! Director of Music, Magdalen College, Oxford


Practical, concise and easy to read, Teaching Singing to Children and Young Adults is a hands-on guide for singing teachers, choral directors and voice students. It explains both the abilities and limitations of young singers through the various stages of their lives, outlines appropriate technique – including approaches suitable for different musical styles, adolescence and gender – and provides anatomical descriptions and sample exercises throughout.

Packed with explanatory case studies and brimming over with original and entertaining illustrations, the book also addresses topics such as the teaching of children with special educational needs, vocal health, and the structuring of lessons, warm-ups and individual practice times.

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Available separately on DVD, or as a download, are demonstrations of all the vocal exercises in the book.
Whilst I’ve found your book very interesting and helpful I’ve now found the DVDs to be the icing on the cake with so much helpful practical information included in such a short space of time and at exactly the right pace.  Everyone involved with training singers either individually or in choirs should have copies!Choral Conductor, Brighton UK

DVD 1 Vocal technique for young singers is an easy-to-follow guide covering basic breathing and posture work through to more advanced training, dealing with issues such as breathiness in the voice, or articulating clear text. The young singing pupils in the film range from the ages of 7 to 18.

DVD 2: Adolescent male voice change shows boys in all stages of vocal change, demonstrating a method of easy and quick recognition of each stage and the singing range at each level.

Designed to accompany the book Teaching singing to children and young adults, this film illustrates the vocal exercises from the book clearly and expertly. Together, the book and film make an invaluable resource for anyone working with young singers: singing teachers, classroom music teachers and choral leaders.

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