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I have limitless enthusiasm for people and their voices: singing, teaching singing and training singing teachers. I have a particular interest in health and wellbeing, my teaching is focussed on enabling the most efficient and easy ways of finding the best sound for the student. During my performing career I became concerned at the level and awareness of vocal technique and health issues among singers. Combining this interest with my scientific background led me to PhD and post-doctoral research. I am now a leading expert in both vocal health and pedagogy.

Take a look at the courses I’m offering online, they have been a tremendous success, and there are still more to come.

The thing that amazes me about these courses is both the amazing content but also Jenevora’s ability to build community and make you feel like you know people and her even though you’re not even in the same country as everyone else let alone the same room. It’s absolutely the highlight of my week.

Ali Watson


The Thinking Voice

The Thinking Voice podcast by Dr Jenevora Williams, Robert Sussuma and Stephen King is all about exploring the human voice through open conversation. The podcast is split in to two types of episode: Interviews and Conversations.

A Voice and Beyond Podcast

Interview with Dr Marisa Lee Naismith

Elevate Music Podcast

This is a joint interview also featuring Soprano Kate Valentine. Together Jenevora and Kate share Kate's story of vocal injury and discuss how we can all do better to support singers when they need it. Listen Here

Private tuition

Singing Teaching

I teach professional singers of all ages. My approach is always one of finding efficiency through economy of effort. We will discover your individual vocal expression using emotive sounds and physical balance. Although my own performing background and specialism is in opera and consort singing, I have taught a variety of styles to professional performance level, including Musical Theatre. If you are interested in finding out more about what easy and balanced singing feels like, I strongly recommend that you come for a consultation lesson to find out for yourself.

I had a really enjoyable time doing the concert on Saturday and the Strauss just fell into place with the pianist in a beautiful space. I was able to just tell the story and play with colours, which feels very much like the G of old! And, the audience were very happy. Thank you for helping me.
I’m sure I would have given up by now without your encouragement, it’s thanks to you that I am no longer nervous about singing.
Thank you for a great lesson today. Really enjoying singing with you. Thank you for all your clarity and advice. I’m in good hands.

Voice Rehabilitation

All voice users suffer from ill health at some time. I work a great deal with singers who are recovering from injury, or just singers experiencing a problem with their voices. My approach is always through the biopsychosocial lens; everything is connected and there is never one single cause for a voice issue. As a regular member of the team in an NHS multidisciplinary Voice Clinic, I have an ongoing understanding of vocal health and healing. I also work within the multidisciplinary, holistic Voice Care Centre. The centre provides singers with joined-up treatment and care, we all work as a team to support the process of rehabilitation beyond just recovery.

With Dr.Jenevora I felt I could be truly honest in a safe space to try new things with someone who was really listening and tailoring to my needs. Armed with such a wealth of knowledge and professional singing experience, Jenevora really understands things from a singers point of view, offering such brilliant advice and new techniques and ideas, all with a light, gentle and humorous touch. As an experienced professional, I have never made such progress before. She is a mentor I wholeheartedly trust.

Lizzy Renihan, singer
Mentoring for Singing Teachers and Choral Conductors
Teachers can benefit from the bespoke guidance that mentoring offers, whether you are new to teaching or just looking to update and refresh your ideas. Not every teacher is able to attend courses, and the opportunity for some ongoing counsel for your own particular needs can be invaluable.

All courses are currently being re-designed for delivery online. This will be with pre-recorded filmed content and individual mentoring. Courses are delivered through Evolving Voice Ltd.

The courses on offer can provide information and practical guidance for music teachers, musical directors, singing and voice teachers. You may be a beginner teacher fresh from college or an experienced tertiary-level teacher wanting to explore a wider range of options for your students. There are courses suitable for the classroom teacher who would like to try some more singing with their students, or a choral conductor who wants to check that their warm-ups and vocal guidance are really on the right lines.

Online Resources

Take a look at the online resources: downloadable materials for teachers, students and researchers.